The Ultimate List of Interview Questions to Ask Remote Workers

If you have pets, make sure they’ll be quiet and well-behaved, or move them to another part of the house — unless you want your cat to walk across your computer. If you have a spouse or other family members, send them out for some errands. Whatever you do, you’ll want to eliminate any distractions for a few hours so you can prepare for and complete the online interview. People have similar levels of anxiety when it comes to both offline and remote/online interviews.

  • Once you’ve decided on your candidate (yay!), act swiftly; 69% of candidates would like to see employer response time improved.
  • This makes it more difficult to communicate and as such, it’s important that you listen actively to what the interviewee is saying.
  • Also, make sure that your virtual interview software integrates with your ATS and is compatible with mobile devices.
  • These include selecting the right interview platform, familiarizing yourself with the questions that need to be asked, and ensuring that you have a backup plan if technology fails.
  • Prior to a remote interview, hiring managers should inform candidates of every person who will be attending the interview, their roles within the team, and the specifics of what they’ll be addressing.
  • Now it’s time to start thinking about the questions you might encounter when interviewing for a remote job.

The worst you can do is start talking simultaneously as your interviewer. When you’re conducting a remote interview, treat the interviewee as if you were having a conversation with them in person. Sit up straight, maintain eye contact, smile when appropriate, and above all – demonstrate that you’re engaged in the conversation. In an Owl Labs survey, 1 in 3 remote workers stated they would look for another job if they were no longer allowed to work remotely, with an additional 18% undecided. This indicates the extent to which remote workers value their remote work setting. Furthermore, research conducted by IWG shows that among performance-based remote work, 85% of businesses highlighted that productivity increased because of greater flexibility.

Build a personal connection early.

No one wants to see your unmade bed or your wine stash in the background. Contrary to popular belief, most companies expect you to wear formal and business remote interview meaning attire during online interviews and meetings. You must make sure that the colors or the clothes themselves aren’t tacky or loud in terms of color or design.

what does remote interview mean

When this occurs, it interferes with the goal of the interview and diminishes your ability to accurately assess the candidate. In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, many global businesses have replaced traditional hiring methods in favor of remote hiring. Due to social distancing rules and enforced lockdowns, employers around the world are turning to remote hiring as a means of expanding their workforce. Candidates should be able to provide specific areas of the job that excites them. Those that seem genuinely excited and can go into detail about their interests are great hires for your organization. Every new job has aspects that a candidate isn’t completely comfortable with.

Be On-Time, Even For A Remote Interview

And if you’re a parent, you probably don’t want to mention that it’s a good opportunity to work but also keep an eye on your kid. If you’ve had a remote job, perfect — go ahead and talk about your remote successes. The purpose of this question is to make sure you understand the nature of remote work — and its downsides. Before your interview, especially if you know it’s a behavioral interview, pick out several of these traits and think of times you’ve showcased these skills in the workplace. This will help an employer realize you’re cut out for remote work and that they’ll be able to trust you, even if you’ve never worked remotely before.

what does remote interview mean

Wearing casual clothes creates a perception of laziness and demotivated individuals in the minds of the interviewers. Though the dress code may entirely depend on the company or the position. Initially, the remote interview may sound like a complex concept, but in reality, a remote interview is an interview conducted online or through the phone. This helps the interviewer or recruiter located in a different place to interact and question a potential hire, who is also located somewhere else. Give candidates enough space to ask questions – actively encourage them to ask.

How to Say ‘No’ to a Candidate

A simpler version of the remote interview can be conducted by telephone. While this is happening, explain briefly how things work and what to expect. If a hand-held mic is being used, make sure the guest knows how to use it. If possible, let the interviewer and guest have a short preparatory conversation before the actual interview begins. This ensures they are both comfortable with each other’s audio level and quality, and helps relax the guest. The signature of the remote interview is the split screen (pictured right).

  • They’ll have to provide specific reasons as to why they believe they’d do well as a remote worker.
  • However, by developing a thorough understanding of virtual interviewing, you can cultivate a mindset that will help you stand out from your competition.
  • Remote interviews can be an effective employee selection method if conducted right.
  • It’ll help you determine if they’ve ever worked remotely before or if this will be a new opportunity for them.
  • This gives them time to download or update the tool and familiarize themselves with it.

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